Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not a Creature was Stirring

Well, maybe a creature....

There is something overly heartwarming to me to be able to walk through my house in the dead of night.  To see my children sleeping in there beds, wrapped up under their blankets, surrounded by delicately placed stuffed animals and blankets.  To walk through my bedroom and watch my husband slumbering, preparing for the next day.  When he will go out and do his best to fulfill all his rolls as father, husband, employee and even student.

As I walk through the house I have to smile at the small village of intricately placed army men, trucks, police cars, trains, and airplanes.  All setting up for some great imaginary battle.  While most of the soldiers have been put to bed many hours ago, I have to laugh at the fact that even my 4 year old understands, not all the soldiers get to go to bed.  "They have to stand guard", he tells me.  Explaining the importance of having a well staffed and laid out army ready to defend against the enemy, even in the night.

It's during these times, late at night, when all is quiet I look around, take a deep breath, and realize no matter what happened today and no matter what is coming tomorrow, everything is ok and all is good and right.  God has blessed me beyond measure and for that I'm thankful.  I look around my house and see not every toy is picked up, not every piece of clothing is washed, and even though I washed the dishes, there are still dishes in the sink.  And I stop to realize that's ok.   Because in these quiet moments I realize my children are perfect.  They are little angels sent from heaven to remind me nothing more than that life is good.  My husband is a dream, God gave me to him to love and cherish.  My family is a blessing and there is no greater blessing one can receive.

It's during these times, late at night, when no one is around I find peace.  I can hear my children laughing in their dreams, and see my husband smiling.  My dog is curled up at my son's feet, and my daughter is covered in cats.  And tomorrow when they awake, they will return to their made up little world.  The soldiers will be underfoot all day, and the cars and trains will resume their travels.  The crayons and paper will be put to use, and the arguing and bickering will continue.  My husband will give me a peck on the cheek and run out the door.  But that's all ok, because at some point during the day I will take a moment and sit down with my ice tea in hand and remember the quiet of tonight.  And if that doesn't happen, there is always tomorrow night.

Yes, truely there is something magically about the late night, when not even a creature is stirring.....

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