Monday, August 22, 2011

At the End of the Day You Just Have to Laugh...

Today started as a pretty successful day.  I was up well before 8 (a rarity here), and immediately got to work.  I started packing orders, getting emails read and answered, and preparing the pool to move out front for the kids. I planned on getting all my dyes split up while the kids played outside, then would move onto the thrift stores and getting everything for the lock in rolling.  The day started out wonderful and I started out productive. I was even nice to Phil, for a change, in all his neediness.  

So I got going, got all the orders packed before my extra little one arrived (we baby sat today), got everyone up, dressed and fed, then got the totals posted for the orders while the kids played in the room.  That was supposed to be followed by swimming and lunch, but was interrupted by the lawn guys (this should have been my first clue of what was to come).  We changed plans and all headed out to the thrift store to pick up the 30 + shirts we need for the lock in.  The kids were great in the store, and the jeans were all on sale (for a DOLLAR, which beats out the 6$ I anticipated them costing).  From there we headed to lunch and Joanns (I needed a new seam ripper after breaking my last one a week or so ago, hole on the irony on this one is AWESOME!)  We got home, filled the pool and the kids proceeded to swim and I started the dyes.  We finished with the pool and the dyes around 5:30.  I got everyone (including my extra), showered and ready for bed by 6, threw a load of clothes (for the day) into the washer and was ready to call it a day.  To sit and relax the evening away with Phil, to start seam ripping all the jeans and be ahead of schedule.

I was feeling pretty good about myself as I hopped out of the shower, only to suddenly realize I had left my phone in my SKIRT POCKET (yes that skirt I just threw inn the washer).  Yes, I washed my phone.  I called Phil, thankfully we'd bought EB a burn phone for camps and it had extra $ on it.  I drove out to meet him and upgrade my phone (the store is 20 mins away). I was gettnig off the interstate when he called and told me to turn around and go back home, yes seriously.

I headed home :)  I figured i still had time to salvage the evening.  Decided I should let my groups know what was going on, and check my email.  I was finishing up when I SEAM RIPPED my foot, breaking my brand new (yes bought today) seam ripper.  I just had to laugh.  I figured at this point it was just a quirky evening.  Then I headed to the living room.  PJ had left his ramen noodle bowl on the table, so I told him to take it, pour out the liquid and put it in the sink.  Which he did, except instead of pouring it down the toilet he dropped the bowl from the table (accidentally).  We have one of those really TALL dinning room tables, about waist high, and let me add here when you DROP a bowl of something from them it doesn't SPILL it EXPLODES :)

PJ was devastated.  Immediately he started crying and screaming it was an accident.  He was even more confused when I just stood there, covered in ramen noodle broth and laughed.  I just had to stand there and laugh.  What else could I do?  Really?  Oh yeah, and the kicker this was only at 8.  YES just 2 hours after the entire day started to unravel.  

I think God felt like I was getting too high on my horse, thinking I'm all productive and wanted to remind me that my productivity, at the end of the day amounts to nothing.  What does it really matter?  Nothing, really, nothing.  The important things I did today were to spend some time with my kids (letting them swim and play while I was right there with them).  I easily could have let all the bad things ruin what I did.  Instead I choose to sit down with an ice cold glass of chocolate milk and read my little one a bed time story and relax.  I will laugh at the little problems life throws my way, because even when the sky is spitting and the waves are crashing, God keeps me in the storm.  Even in the storm as big or as small as it is there is beauty.  I will choose to find the beauty in the storm, even if it's just an afternoon shower :)

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